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Click the link below to learn more about doTERRA essential oils and view the enrollment kits that are available for purchase.

HeartCore Essentials Wellness Community was created from a desire for Holistic Healing & Wellness

The Essential Oils that I recommend are dōTERRA Essential oils because:

  • They are safe for children and pets

  • They are all-natural and verified 100% pure

  • The dōTERRA company stands for quality and integrity

Balance your Chakras with Essential Oils

When you purchase an enrollment kit, you will also receive my Essential Oils & Emotional Well-Being workbook. I consistently provide education about your oils and offer support on how to incorporate them into your life and your home.

I welcome you to join my HeartCore Essentials Facebook group by clicking the link below. I share lots of information on oils and my favorite roller blends.

Essential Oil Roller Blends available for purchase in the White Wolf Market Etsy Shop



I encourage you to explore and learn about how Essential Oils can be incorporated into your life.

The Essential Life - 5th Edition
By Total Wellness Publishing