Keep Going

I wrote this the other day after having a terrible morning.

Being in sober recovery, I know I can start my day over as many times as necessary so I’m not walking through the day a cranky, disgruntled mess.

I had to meditate more than once to really let go of the anger I was feeling. Sometimes I free write after my meditation.

This poem is the result of that.


The darkness sneaks in sometimes.  

I turn from the light to notice it.  

It’s there, whispering to me.

Am I breathing?  

I always hold my breath when it comes.  

Sometimes the tears that are just at the surface.  


Sometimes the harsh words from my teenagers mouth.

Hold the breath in.

My chest is heavy.

Be gentle with yourself


There is the voice I need.  

It is there too.

Next to the darkness.

They reside together.

Intertwined and swirling around.

A fine balance.

In the brevity of human life, this soul is eternal.

It chose this body.


I love you

Thank you for saving me.

I respect the darkness, but it doesn’t win anymore.

I see you.

But I know me.  


Silent knowing.

Keep going