Small Right Actions

When something unexpected happens to us (loss of job, end of relationship, financial difficulties), we often freeze up.  Overwhelmed with the plethora of emotions that come along with a shock to your flow.  It's difficult to know what to do.  Often we have to process though our emotions before we can arrive at acceptance.  I know for me, I usually arrive at acceptance about 3-5 days after a shocking event.  That's a major improvement for me!  It used to be 3-5 weeks! 

I've learned to do certain things to help absorb the shock and become capable of taking the next indicated step or taking a small right action.  

  • Allow the emotions to come and go. Cry when you're sad. Acknowledge the anger when it comes. The more we try to resist our emotions the stronger they become.

  • Ask the Universe for help (or Spirit, or God or Energy or the Higher Power of your choice). Sometimes I do it out loud. I will literally just blurt out "I need help with this right now". That small action opens the door for a change in perspective. Just knowing that you're not alone in your particular struggle offers some solace.

  • Be gentle with yourself! We are our own toughest critics. I know that I have very high expectations of myself. It has taken a lot of practice to allow myself to move through things at a natural pace and not have to be OK right away.

  • Reach out to your tribe for support. If you don't have a tribe, you will start to attract one the more you love yourself. Water seeks it's own level. You will find that more people come into your life that will meet you where you're at emotionally. My close friend group is small and we all share the same core values. Venting is necessary for all of us. Sometimes just hearing ourselves talk helps us to sort things out.

  • When its time to take a small right action you will know. You will have an idea, or suddenly feel motivated to make a move. Try to be patient and allow these feelings to come naturally. They will come. I promise!

These are some things I do when life hits me in the face with a brick, because sometimes that just happens.  Sometimes things are good and sometimes things are hard.  That's just the normal ebb and flow of life.  So rides those waves friends :)