I cover the following topics in Coaching Sessions & Workshops

Self-love & Self-awareness

Essential Oils & Emotional Well-being

Bringing Your Shadow Self Into the Light

Healthy Boundaries

Saying No with Grace

Healing Daily Practices for Mind, Body and Soul



Integrative Nutrition

Cultivating a Forgiveness Practice

De-cluttering Your Life

Expressing Creativity



Goal Setting and Follow Through

Holistic Recovery Coach | Wellness Practitioner                                   

Workshops on Burnout | Compassion Fatigue | Emotional Well-being  | Self-Love

One one One Coaching

Group Coaching       



My Mission

To educate on the dangers of burnout and compassion fatigue. To promote Holistic Wellness (Mind, Body, Spirit). To motivate and encourage. To be an example of authenticity, honesty and integrity.  To help others show up for their lives and live with intention and purpose. To create a safe space for healing and growth.


If you are suffering from Compassion Fatigue and Burnout, this healing course is for you.


“ There are many people I have met on my own personal road to recovery, but very few of them shine like Shannan shines. Shannan is a genuine, compassionate, loving, intelligent and kind human being with a heart for helping others. If you are looking for someone to guide you through the obstacles of living life in recovery, you could do no better. Her strength and wisdom is a gift to all of us.”

~ Jason

“I worked along side Shannan in a place where recovery was the focus. Shannan was truly the heartbeat of the organization. Her ability to provide both compassion and tough love at the same time is unparalleled. Her strength and commitment to helping others is unique in this world.”

~ Erin

“When I needed help standing on my own two feet, Shannan not only helped me find my footing, but played a pivotal role in helping me head off in the right direction. Shannan’s life experiences coupled with her remarkable ability to overcome make her an excellent choice for a Life Coach!”


“There are those people in all of our lives that make an indelible impression. Someone without whom we might not have gotten through a difficult time. Shannan is one of those people in my life. She has not only proven herself to be like a rock under pressure, but she has always helped me step out of the quicksand and into a solution when I have called upon her for advice.”